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On September 30, three thousand people came together to Take Back Boston.

Led by families facing foreclosure, our march weaved through downtown Boston, passing the Hyatt, Verizon, Fidelity and ending up at the Bank of America Massachusetts headquarters to confront the nation’s largest lender for their role in the economic crisis. 24 of our brothers and sisters were arrested as they stood up for themselves, their families, their friends and their neighbors facing foreclosure.

Friday's rally was a powerful demonstration of what we can do when we come together to make our voices heard. Press from around New England and across the country featured stories about our march and talked about the growing movement to fight back against corporate greed.

On Saturday, we took our message into the neighborhood. The Four Corners area of Dorchester has been ravaged by foreclosures. We took over a wrongly foreclosed home, hoping to return it from the hands of Deutsche Bank to its rightful owners—a family that was evicted and has left the area. The action team cleaned the home, brought in donated furniture, and hung art on the walls and a banner off the porch. Hundreds toured the house and cheered from the street, while music played and children danced. The power and the momentum of this past weekend's events was the product of a wide coalition of organizations, but the movement doesn't stop there.Sign up using the form to the right to learn more about how YOU can join us to Take Back Boston!


Taking Back Boston!

Residents Take Foreclosure Fight to Bank Exec's Doorstep

A group of 50 activists deposited the trash from a vacant Bank of America foreclosure on the doorstep of Bank of America Massachusetts President Robert Gallery at 95 Beacon St on 9/21. They also served Gallery and the Bank with a 9 day "notice to quit" warning them to stop their harmful practices, or there will be a much larger demonstration on 9/30.

Local Residents Attempt to Return B of A Trash in Malden

Local residents gathered in Malden on September 19 to clean up an abandoned Clinton Street property –  returning the collected yard waste and trash to its rightful owner, Bank of America. Neighbors launched the service project to rehab a local eyesore and raise awareness of the impact bank foreclosures have on area communities.

A Breakfast Delivery for Bank of America

Less than 24 hours after announcing a planned mass layoff of more than 30,000 employees, local residents dropped in on a posh company-sponsored breakfast at the Seaport Hotel in Boston. The event, billed as a “government affairs forum,” was chaired by Robert Gallery, President of Bank of America-Massachusetts.

Protesters Descend on Boston Bank of America Branches

Dozens of protesters descended on Boston Bank of America branches on September 12, following the company’s announcement that it will slash more than 30,000 jobs in the coming months.


Bank of America: Bad for Boston

Bank of America Should Pay its Fair Share of Taxes
• Bank of America, which is the largest financial institution in the country, received $230 billion in taxpayer bailouts and other assistance since 2008, but paid no taxes from 2009 to 2010. Instead, they received a $4.2 billion refund.

Bank of America Should Help Create Jobs
• Since the financial crisis, Bank of America has drastically reduced small business lending in and around Boston. In 2007, it and its subsidiaries loaned $114 million to small business. In 2010, Bank of America loaned only $50.3 million, a reduction of 56% from 2007. By contrast, other large banks decreased their small business lending by 30%.

Bank of America Should Stop Foreclosures and Predatory Lending Practices that Harm African Americans and Latinos
• 38% of Bank of America’s mortgages were in so-called “majority minority” neighborhoods in Boston, but 61% of its subprime mortgages were concentrated in these neighborhoods.

Fact Sheet: Bank of America: Bad for Boston
Fact Sheet: Bank of America: Bad for America  


For press inquiries, contact Rachel LaForest at rlaforest@righttothecity.org or (617) 506-3548

PRESS RELEASE: Bad Day for B of A! 3,000 Rally & 20 Arrested as Foreclosed Families #Occupy Boston Bank of America (9/30/11) - PDF

PRESS RELEASE: Boston Braces for Mass Nonviolent Action at Bank of America as #occupywallst Outrage Spreads Coast to Coast (9/30/11) - PDF

PRESS RELEASE: Foreclosed Families to March on Bank of America Friday with 1,000 supporters (9/28/11) - PDF


Organized by Right to the City, the broad coalition behind this event includes:

Alternatives for Community & Environment
AARW (Asian American Resource Workshop)
Boston Workers Alliance
Boston Climate Action Network
Chelsea Collaborative
Chinese Progressive Association
City Life/Vida Urbana
Community Change, Inc.
Community Labor United
CWA Local 1400
Direct Action for Rights & Equality
Dorchester People for Peace
Green Justice Coalition
IBEW T-6 Council
Lynn United for Change
Mass Alliance Against Predatory Lending
Massachusetts Global Action
Massachusetts Jobs with Justice
Merrimack Valley Project
Network for Immigrants and African Americans in Solidarity (NIAAS)
Neighbors United for a Better East Boston
New England United for Justice
Press Pass TV
Service Employees International Union (SEIU)
Springfield No One Leaves
Survivors Inc.
UE Northeast Region
UFCW Local 1445
Union of Minority Neighborhoods
Women's Fightback Network
Worcester Anti-Foreclosure Team
Youth Jobs Coalition

Right to the City