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Say No to "Fix the Debt" Gold Diggers

You may have seen their ads on TV or been accosted by a Fix the Debt canvasser on the street – they claim to be a grassroots effort promoting steps to reduce the national debt. But the truth is, Fix the Debt is just another corporate-financed DC lobbying group looking for taxpayer handouts.

That revelation prompted a flashmob-style demonstration today outside the New England headquarters of a major Fix the Debt funder and beneficiary, Bank of America. More than 75 workers and retirees, police in tow, descended on the financial giant’s Federal Street building to call Fix the Debt corporations out for what they really are: gold diggers.

The action comes on the heels of a report from the non-partisan Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), which reveals that Fix the Debt’s legislative agenda has little to do with the national debt at all. In fact, the bulk of the group’s lobbying activities have focused on securing billions in new corporate tax breaks at the expense of American workers and seniors.

Make no mistake, Fix the Debt does support cuts to Social Security and other vital programs – as well as raising the retirement age – as a way to reduce federal spending, But according to the IPS report, Fix the Debt plans to use those savings to fund more than $134 billion in tax giveaways for its 63 publicly-held member corporations -- including Bank of America, Verizon and General Electric. Keep in mind, 24 of these Fix the Debt companies already pay their CEOs more than they paid in federal corporate income taxes. Twenty-two spent more on lobbying than they did on their tax bill.

So much for “fixing the debt.” As it turns out, the corporate-financed Fix the Debt campaign amounts to old school gold digging at its worst. Might want to mind your pocketbook.

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Gold Diggers: Fix the Debt/Bank of America Remix

Parody performed by Twice Thou, featuring Khalil. Lyrics by Twice Thou and Jason Stephany

He takes our money, when we're in need
Yeah, it's some crazy corporate greed
Oh he's a gold digger, way over the top
That steals from me

(He takes our money)
Now I ain't sayin' he a gold digger (When we're in need)
But he ain't stressin' over dough either
(He takes our money)
Now I ain't sayin' he a gold digger (When we're in need)
But he ain't stressin' over dough either
Get down pig, go ‘head get down (You gotta leave)
Get down pig, go ‘head get down (You gotta leave)
Get down pig, go ‘head get down (You gotta leave)
Get down pig, go ’head

[Verse 1]
Duty is called,
B of A is due for a fall
Tryin’a sell us a bridge
and keep our loot in the vault
They said, “I could tell you got it,
just give up the farm”
Far as Bennies you got plenty, take your leg and your arm
Beg ya pardon?
We lookin' for the truth, have you seen it?
We hear your lies,
but read the lines between it
Losses plus billions mean corporate profits
And we the people still gotta absorb the hardship
Okay, Mr. Banker and all ya friends
Runnin' “Fix the Debt” Ads, with a phony spin
We all pay the bill
that this criminal makes
He thinks, “The Fiscal Cliff:
Put Skin in the Game”
You know why?
He'll chop ya pay like a butcher
Slash your entitlements to fund his tax cut
His big bank don't support a home for seniors
And workers make minimum wage with no leisure

[Verse 2]
A hundred years, that's a hundred years
We work to make him wealthy for a hundred years
I know somebody payin' down debt
It ain't the rich
The Medicare cutback is a flagrant hit
Now you see him on TV, any given Sunday
Sayin' our Security should fund his buffet
He claim he wanna fix the “Big Debt” with your money
Instead he gonna buy a “Big Jet” with your money
That's billions in corporate “Big Checks” with your money
Good thing F.D.I.C. protected your money
But we ain't no punks. Holla “We don't buy that!”
“We don't buy that!” Yeah!
It's something that we need to say
'Cause when we don't speak up we let freedom pay
A hundred years, a hundred years
While we hope to get retirement, we payin' for his


[Verse 3]
Now I ain't sayin' he a gold digger,
pigs got needs
It's a championship tax fight,
Listen take heed
Stash fees we pay offshore then flee
No accountability
He off scot-free
But, while he stealin', watch 'em
'Cause every mistake that he make should cost 'em
He got that ambition Baby, look at his eyes
This week it's spendin' cuts,
next week SSI
So, don't let 'em slide
For now this pig's ballin' and yeah that's nice
And he gon’ keep lobbyin' partisan,
but we'll be right here
To withdraw the dream and deposit the nightmare

Get down pig, go ’head get down
Get down pig, go ’head get down
Get down pig, go ’head get down
Get down pig, go ’head
Let's pay these banks back!

This is a parody and should be treated as satire.

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